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Pictures from the competition will be available via this link on the day of the event.

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Britannia Open Photos (


We are really excited to be part of what we know is going to be a beautiful weekend of glitz, glamour and dancing.

Musselwhite Photography will be there to support the event in a number of ways this year.


First we will be covering the events of the weekend as they unfold with a mix of live content interviews and videos from behind the scenes.  Bringing a taste of the wonderful to social media.

Next up we will be managing a team of photographers that will be covering each of the dances to capture all those competing.  We will upload all images to a simple to use online gallery as the days go on for you to order at your leisure.  With digital files and prints there are options to suit all tastes & give you a fabulous keepsake from the competition.

Last and by no means least we are setting up a studio to capture beautiful fine art images of you in all your finery.


James Musselwhite is an Internationally renowned portrait photographer here to bring you something really special.  An awesome opportunity not to be missed.  There will be various times across the whole weekend for you to come by and take part.


The studio space is conveniently situated next to the ballroom and all the action. 

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